Alteil Horizons

by Apocoplay LLC

For: ios, android, web, card

  • full-battle
  • arena
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  • replay
  • bear-killing-axeman
  • chaos-Annarose
  • death-calling
  • dical
  • Dyson
  • Retear

about Apocoplay LLC

Apocoplay is a Boston-based video gaming start-up that is marrying a true passion for board and card games with deep software engineering experience to create digital products in the rapidly expanding mobile and browser-based markets. The company, which owns and operates popular CCG Alteil in the United States, is currently using its proprietary platform to create Alteil: Horizons, a sequel that features advanced strategic elements and work from artists behind some of the world’s most popular anime franchises, comic books and webcomics.

In ancient times, four gods fell into an endless slumber -- infinite beings sleeping beneath the kingdoms of men, forgotten by history. Only you know the truth, and are able to tap into the power of the sleeping gods to save the world from oblivion.

Alteil Horizons is a fully-featured cross-platform online game that features the deck building, collecting and dueling of a digital card game and plays like a tactical RPG. Fight with full access to all of your units – no randomly drawn hands of cards – each complete with stats, skills and abilities, controlled through their individual action menus. This is Alteil Horizons, the “tactical RPG” card game!