by Grant Bert Studio

For: ios, android

about Grant Bert Studio

Established in 2015, Grant & Studio is a studio that focuses on expressing independent view points and creative ideas through Interactive Media. Our first game Abi will be published in the spring 2017 in which we express our own thinking on the issue of rapidly developed AI technology.

Abi is a beautifully crafted puzzle adventure game that will take you on a trip to a future in which the world looks different from what you know, but not so different as not to see were it came from. In a world where the human heritage is visible in a myriad of details but no actual humans seem to remain, Abi and DD, two robots, search for their friend, their own past and the secret of what happened to the world they used to know. Immerse yourself into a unique atmosphere created by the gorgeous artwork and music in a postapocalyptic setting. Switch between Abi, a small robot programmed to assume an educational role, and DD, a large and heavy industrial robot, and apply their different skills and characteristics in order to complete certain tasks and progress through the game. Experience the moving trials and tribulations of the robots and slowly discover the mystery of the sudden disappearance of humans from the world.