Abandon Planet

by Orange Machine Games

For: tabletop, physical

  • abandon_planet_back_box_three_quarter_view
  • abandon_planet_box_open_top
  • abandon_planet_box_three_quarters_view
  • abandon_planet_box_top_view
  • board_with_pieces_borgue
  • board_with_pieces_rook
  • board_with_pieces_wooden_tokens
  • full_board_pieces
  • player_cards_rockets

about Orange Machine Games

We make the games that let you betray your friends. We're nice like that. Orange Machine Games was founded by Don Eskridge, of Don Eskridge's The Resistance, and Don Eskridge's The Resistance: Avalon in 2016. Its first game is Don Eskridge's Abandon Planet.

It's the meteor apocalypse and your goal is to escape by rocketing into space. You will fly around the world collecting and fighting for the tools required to launch. You’ll need an ally, because there’s no time to gather it all on your own before the earth explodes. Meteors are falling fast, so get what you need, find a partner, and abandon planet!