Play With Real Live Kittens at PAX West 2017 in the ACT Theatre


Is it Caturday yet? With our pals from Exploding Kittens, we’re excited to bring actual KITTENS to PAX West in Seattle this week! In addition to our massive games lineup (meow than 80 indie titles) at the Washington State Convention Center, we’ll be hosting some awesome tabletop games along with the “Non-Exploding Kitten Room” inside of the ACT Theatre.

In partnership with Exploding Kittens and MEOW Cat Rescue, the “Non-Exploding Kitten Room” will provide a space filled with real live kittens (that don’t explode) for you to cuddle. If you find just the right kitten, you can coordinate with MEOW Cat Rescue about adoption after the show! MEOW Cat Rescue is a Seattle-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting lifelong relationships between people and companion animals, and providing shelter and care for our feline friends.

The “Non-Exploding Kitten Room” will be open to the general public – no PAX badge needed, we repeat NO badge needed – and will run from September 1-4 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m .PDT. However, badge holders can also visit the Exploding Kittens booth (#7505) at PAX West where the much anticipated “Exploding Kittens Human Vending Machine” will be giving away a select number of GOLDEN TICKETS that grant the recipient and a friend express access to the front of the line. Otherwise, the line will be first come first serve!

We encourage folks stop by the Buster room within the ACT Theatre and take a break from the bustling show floor to play with these cuddly kittens (and discover some Tabletop games too). Visitors can spend up to five minutes with sheltered kittens that don’t explode! All the kittens and cats in the room are available for adoption through MEOW Rescue and are eagerly awaiting for their furever home.

For more information about MEOW Cat Rescue visit:

Be sure to follow our Exploding Kitten friends for more details about the “Non-Exploding Kitten Room” here:

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We would also like to take this oppurrrrrtunity to give a special shout out to our Tabletop sponsors of the ACT Theatre, Kickstarter and Cards Against Humanity, and thank them for their support.