Meet the MEGABOOTH: Kelly Wallick


One thing that the Indie MEGABOOTH does is break down barriers. It breaks down the barrier for developers and fans to talk in person. It allows exposure to the most unique and original games in the industry. Through the MEGABOOTH a large portion of the industry is humanized. We now know the person who made the game because they’re standing next to us as we play.

Not knowing who the people are behind all this creative and passionate work has been a major misstep for the game industry. Why do we know the actors and directors in film? Why do we have favorite authors and follow their work? Games aren’t made by companies, they are made by people. It works the same way with the Indie MEGABOOTH.

There are literally dozens of talented and passionate people working behind-the-scenes to ensure that each MEGABOOTH is better than the last. One of those people is Kelly Wallick, who started all this MEGABOOTH stuff to begin with. recently interviewed Kelly to find out more about who she is and her history of working on the largest indie game booth in the world.

Listen to Kelly Wallick’s interview at

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