Meet the MEGABOOTH: Christina Ramey talks ‘Dead State’

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christina-rameyWhat’s your name, and where are you from?

My name is Christina Ramey, and I’m from DoubleBear Productions in Seattle, WA.

Tell us about your team.

There are 15 people from several different countries all working together to create Dead State. I’m the producer – it’s my job to keep track of everyone’s progress, make sure we’re hitting our milestone targets, and write a comically high volume of emails.

What are you showing at the MEGABOOTH?

Dead State, the zombie survival RPG about humans. Dead State was Kickstarted just last summer, and the team’s been charging ahead full speed ever since!

How does it play?

Dead State is a tactical RPG that portrays the gritty reality of long-term survival in a post-apocalyptic world. You don’t gain experience by grinding through combat; instead, advancement happens more organically as you explore the forever-altered landscape of central Texas, scavenge for supplies, and try to keep up morale among your growing pack of fellow survivors.

Why should PAXers come and check it out?

For the first time ever, gamers will have a chance to get some hands-on experience with Dead State and meet a few of the heavy-hitters behind DoubleBear Productions. We’ll also have a limited supply of some brand new merchandise with us, so we encourage everyone to come see us early on during the show!

What’s an interesting insight about DoubleBear Productions?

We have quite a few hardcore tactical RPG fans on our team, so Dead State is our ultimate tribute to the classics of the genre. Everyone on the team is working extra hard to make sure we hit the sweet spots that made the old favorites so timeless while also delivering a brand new original experience. Basically, we’re making the game we’ve always wanted to play!

Come and check out Dead State at Booth 768 during PAX Prime 2013.