Kelly Wallick heading to Vancouver, eh? She will give the closing talk at Full Indie Summit on October 21


That’s right Vancouver-based developers, Kelly will be in your stomping ground this coming weekend and in addition to giving an informative and inspiring talk… she’ll be drinking all the Caesars and eating all the JapaDogs and Salmon Candy, all while trying to keep dry with her trusty umbrella and rain boots.

Kelly Wallick, Indie MEGABOOTH’s Boss Lady and Overlord, will be in Vancouver this Saturday, October 21st to give the closing talk at fifth annual Full Indie Summit. Tickets are available online and those who get excited by learning from indie game creators should totally go!

For those who might not be super familiar with the event, the Full Indie Summit features presentations on all matters of interest to game creators, with the goals of informing, educating, and motivating the 550+ attendees. Oh, and there’s a networking mixer at the end of the day and you can expect some pop-up demos of current indie dev projects to get some peer review action!

Here are the details:

What: Full Indie Summit
Where: Vancouver Playhouse
600 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2P1
When: Sat, 21 October 2017
9:30 AM – 9:00 PM PDT
Cost: $35.00

For more information, visit:

For tickets, visit:

The speakers (as well as the title of their talk) who are confirmed for the fifth annual Full Indie Summit (listed chronologically) are:

  • Em Halberstadt (A Shell in the Pit Audio) – How Sound Tells the Story of Night in the Woods
  • Jesse Ringrose (Splitter Critters) – Design Challenges in Splitter Critters: The Perils of Making a Freeform Puzzle Game
  • Jord Farrell Feeling the Vibrations
  • Joel GreenSecond Gen VR: Playing to the Strength of Our Medium
  • Jose Palacios Vives (Valve) – Steam Overview + Chat
  • Matthew Marteinsson (Klei) – Working With A Failure Based Workflow
  • Tanya X. Short (Kitfox Games) – Collaborating with Algorithms
  • Jerry BelichAlternative Controllers: Bringing Humans & Machines Together
  • Tommy Refenes (Super Meat Boy) – The Marriage of Controls and Level Design
  • Leighton Gray (Dream Daddy) – How Do You Do, Fellow Kids: How to Write Games for the Internet Without Embarrassing Yourself
  • Kelly Wallick (Indie MEGABOOTH) – Indie Around the World and Beyond

Can’t be there in person this year? No worries at all, you can follow @FullIndie, as well as @IndieMEGABOOTH to keep up to date and engage with those who are attending.