Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West 2017 in 17.5 minutes


How long does it take to show off 80+ games? Probably 17 and a half minutes, which is our longest video yet.

Check out our super duper MEGA gameplay montage showing off our PAX West 2017 lineup, each exhibitor’s appropriate booth locations as well as the rotating schedule for the MINIBOOTH titles and the TABLETOP games. Reminder that ALL of the games features in the TABLETOP booth area will also be playable in the ACT Theatre, open to the public.

Make sure to grab a snack, or start a load of laundry or something – it’s a long one.

You can find the full Indie MEGABOOTH PAX West lineup in the official announcement blog post here. If you’re wondering about all the “CATS” stuff at the end of the video, that’s referring to the “Non-Exploding Kittens Room,” a pop-up kitten adoption room and fundraiser for MEOW Cat Rescue, a local non-profit animal shelter. Now that’s something to get you purring!

PAX West 2017 is creeping up close on September 1-4. Follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook for live updates from the show floor, and use the hashtag #IMBPAX to join the conversation. We also just launched our very own server on Discord, so jump in and hang out!