Indie MEGABOOTH PAX West 2016 Line-Up!


PAX Prime has some new name,
So we’re bringing some new games.
A brand-new show, it’s named PAX West,
Our games remain the very best.

Is that rhyme enough to get you excited? No, you want a ridiculously good trailer, too? Okay, okay.

We are proud to present the line-up for PAX West 2016 in beautiful Seattle, WA! This year’s showcase is packed to the rafters with greatness, stacked up like this:


Thanks to our returning sponsors, Sony PlayStation and ID@Xbox, for their incredible support each year. Special thank-yous go out to OculusUnreal EngineIntel, and Google Play, all of whom are supporting specific teams at the show (more info on that later), Cards Against Humanity for single-handedly paying every tabletop team’s way, and to Alienware and Intel for their continued hardware support. We couldn’t do any of this without them.

Further special thanks go to Nvidia and for their support, too!


Representing the broad range of what people are creating in independent games right now, our showcase contains such a true variety that this paragraph will soon have to end, so that you can read the incredible titles instead.


This year we’re increasing the overall total of games in the Indie MINIBOOTH, but reducing the number of concurrent games. Less and more. Pretty cool, huh? Each game will show for two days, as outlined below.

On Friday and Saturday:

On Sunday and Monday:


Thanks again to Cards Against Humanity for covering everyone’s costs in the Tabletop area! Their support of small, independent teams is massively beneficial.

While at PAX, check out the ACT theatre, where Cards Against Humanity will be hosting Indie MEGABOOTH’s tabletop showcase! After you’ve played some of the best indie games, stop by their writing shop where you can write your own Cards Against Humanity cards with the game creators. You can enter through the convention center. Just walk toward the escalators leading into the con, and look right. You’ll see a giant Cards Against Humanity box. Walk inside of it. Be not afraid.

On Friday-Saturday at IMB & Sunday-Monday at ACT Theater with CAH:

On Sunday-Monday at IMB & Friday-Saturday at ACT Theater with CAH:

We’ll have plenty more to announce in the coming weeks before the show, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

  • Andrew

    Looking forward to this great lineup :)