Indie MEGABOOTH PAX East 2017 Line-Up!


Boston, MA – a city famous for its golden beaches, lush palm trees, and blistering summer in March. At least, that’s what we’re packing for over here at Indie MEGABOOTH.

We’re bringing about 90 games in our suitcases. In case we get tired from surfing.

Care to join us?

This year’s showcase plays host to over 80 great games, all playable on the floor for the entire PAX East 2017 weekend, March 10-12 in Boston, MA. Want to get acquainted? Sure, let’s call upon our trusty friend, The Map.


Thanks to our returning sponsors, Sony PlayStation and ID@Xbox, for their continuing mission to support and promote the best indie games around. Oculus is also supporting us, alongside equipment support. Special thank-yous to Unreal Engine and Intel, who are supporting a few particular games at the show, and Alienware for their continued hardware support. We couldn’t do any of this without the help of each and every one of them.

Now, let’s take a look at the truly MEGA line-up for Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East 2017!

For individual assets, trailers, and game information please visit our Presskit page. To request b-roll or additional media assets for any of the teams, please email


Our MEGABOOTH games this year are stellar as ever.


This year’s Indie MINIBOOTH has a pretty huge announcement alongside it: For the first time ever, all of the teams are supported by our very own Indie MEGABOOTH alumni, a bunch of whom pitched in to help make it possible for this year’s first ever IMB Alumni-sponsored Minibooth!


Thanks again to Cards Against Humanity for their continuing efforts to support tabletop game makers.

Of course, we’ll have a lot more to announce in the coming weeks before the show, so be sure to stay tuned for updates on what’ll be happening at the show.

Further special thanks go to Busan Indie Connect,, Double Eleven, tinyBuild, and Xsplit for their support, too!

  • MetaphysicalMan

    Rude Bear I see on the map but on the list?

  • Kismet

    Beneath the mask, I promise you, we’re blushing. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

  • Motion Twin

    Ahhhhh yeah! This is going to be hard… How to test as many games as possible, whilst “working” on ours…