Indie MEGABOOTH will see you at Gamescom 2014!

Einlass zur gamescom 2013, Eingang Süd

Ready for some cool news? Here it comes…

We are excited to announce that Indie MEGABOOTH is expanding to Europe with our first ever dedicated MEGABOOTH area at Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany from August 13 through 17.

Told you it was cool.

Submissions open today, in tandem with submissions for the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, WA. So go ahead and start submitting!

The Gamescom showcase is something that has been over a year in the making – it feels great to finally share it with the world, and to take our next step in global domination. It’s exciting to be adding another entry onto our list of ‘conferences we rocked’ too, I guess.

You may have seen us in the business section last year, but this marks our debut on the showfloor in a MEGA way.


Overlord Kelly Wallick beamed, ‘We’ve been working with the Koelnmesse and meeting with developers and partners across Europe to bring this all together. It’s really exciting to finally make it official and move into a whole new territory!’

Situated in Germany, Gamescom gives companies a chance to reach European consumers, and gives European teams (who have a pretty long commute coming to the US) an option that is closer to them. On the flip side, showing a game in Europe will offer a first-time experience for our US developers, both in terms of meeting a whole new fan-base and also allowing them to expand their repertoire of European friends.

Our goal with each conference we show at is to make it logistically and financially more feasible for small teams to show at them. This is especially true for Gamescom, famous for its AAA content, and 300,000 attendees eagerly hunting for the next cool thing in games.

If you catch us on the show floor, be sure to offer us appropriate European gifts: food, wonderful wonderful wine, culture, and more food. Cheese especially. And schnitzel?! Probably a whole load of schnitzel– Christopher .

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