Announcing our first-ever Alumni-sponsored Minibooth!


Quite the title, I know! It is an honor to announce that members of our very own Indie MEGABOOTH Alumni have teamed together to sponsor the Indie MINIBOOTH at PAX East 2017 in Boston, MA. They are immortalized in this radical banner:



This is important.

After each showcase ends, we invite all of the new teams that we worked with to join a shared discussion group for IMB Alumni. The list serves as a great resource for teams to share knowledge on development hurdles, marketing tips, and even recommending partners to each other. It is a testament to the strong sense of community that exists between these teams that I am able to announce this today. When I proposed the idea to our alumni, the response was powerfully and universally positive, and everything started moving very quickly indeed.

Thanks to their contributions, the teams in this show’s Indie MINIBOOTH are able to better afford the costs of exhibiting their games.

Check out the full Indie MINIBOOTH line-up here.

Thank you, Alumni!