Submissions for PAX East 2018 and GDC 2018 are Now Open until November 17th, 11:59pm PST.

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How much does it cost to submit for consideration?

Submissions are $50 per game, per yearly period.

Late submissions (submissions that are not completed before the November 17th deadline but make it into the system before November 22nd) have an additional fee of $50, therefore $100 total. To avoid paying the late fee: Please ensure you complete your submission before the deadline has passed.

How much does it cost to show at each event?

Short answer: it varies depending which event/which city your game is selected for AND it also varies depending if you’re participating in the MEGABOOTH, MINIBOOTH or TABLETOP area.

PAX East 2018: PAX East takes place April 5-8 in Boston, MA. For a typical 10ft x 10ft MEGABOOTH space at PAX we advise teams to budget somewhere around $5,000 depending on your setup, merchandise and other expenses. This does not include travel or shipping costs. We estimate a MINIBOOTH space to cost around $1500 and a TABLETOP space to cost around $1000.

GDC 2018: GDC takes place March 19-23 in San Francisco, CA. This showcase only features digital games and is one of our smallest but does not have any booth fees associated. Please note, like all other showcases with the Indie MEGABOOTH, developers accepted to participate are responsible for covering the costs of their own travel and accommodations. In addition to showcasing your title at the largest professional industry conference specializing in game development, you’ll receive an All Access GDC badge.
Here are some good write-ups that explain in detail what your expected budget could be, including potential hidden costs, for PAX. REMINDER that PAX East is now a four day event, so you’ll need to increase your budget accordingly.


Great question! It entirely depends on a few different factors and boils down to your budget, availability and goals.

Do you have the resources/staff and finances to show for FOUR (4) full days? Are you and your booth staff able to commit arriving one full day before the event for booth set-up and can stay through the end for breakdown? Are you super early in the development cycle (and therefore MINIBOOTH might make more sense for your first showing) or are you nearing launch (i.e. less than 6 months to shipping) and therefore are ready to a full booth set-up that the MEGABOOTH offers?

MEGABOOTH: Full booth spaces are bought and run by your own team within the Indie MEGABOOTH showcase area. You’ll be invoiced by PAX for your space and be individually responsible for all logistics including electric, booth design, merchandise, set-up, equipment, etc. We provide information and guidance along with group packages and sponsorship opportunities but you have ultimate ownership over the space.

MINIBOOTH: This is an opportunity for groups with limited resources to show their game. We provide space, basic setup and some PR. The MINIBOOTH space rotates halfway through the show, meaning if selected, you’ll only be showing for 2 days out of 4! You’ll also be included in the mailing list, networking events, parties and sponsorship opportunities.

• William Chyr (developer of Manifold Garden) on his MINIBOOTH experience at PAX East 2014:

How do you select which games to show?

Please read the Criteria & Selection section below.

I’ve shown with Indie MEGABOOTH before – May I show again?

Yes, you may! We have a limit of two – three showings per game but you’ll still need to go through the submission process, fill out the paperwork and likely submit payment ($50 per game) since the odds are that it’s been a calendar year since most developers originally submitted.

As a team/company, you may submit new games as often as you like – this limit is for each individual game. For the tabletop area, this limit also applies.

I have more than one game I want to submit – How do I do that?

You may submit as many games as you would like for us to consider – but they must be submitted as individual entries.

Does the Indie MEGABOOTH accept tabletop games?

Yes! If you have a tabletop game that you would like to submit, please be sure to use the separate submission form! For a typical Tabletop space at PAX we advise teams to budget somewhere around $1000, depending on your setup, merchandise and other expenses. Please be aware, the tabletop space might not end up being on the showfloor!

There are a few sections of our submission system that reflect its videogame-centric design. When it asks you for a build, please upload a .zip file of your rules in PDF format. When it asks for a video of gameplay footage, we expect you to supply a 5-minute max video of you showing how the game is played, or showing a game in action.

When will I know if I have a space or not?

Our judges will be reviewing submissions until late January. You will receive notification on the status of your submission around that time frame. If we require additional information or materials, you will be contacted as soon as possible. If you have not heard back about the status of your entry by mid-February, please contact us using the Q&A section on your entry link.

Can I share my booth space?

Short answer: no.

We used to allow this, in the sense that one group could purchase the booth space and ‘host’ another indie with them. It then became a logistics issue with the PAX organizers especially in regards to paperwork, additional exhibitor passes, and confusion for vendors having multiple contacts. As a result, we’ve been asked by PAX to stop allowing booth shares.

What happens if my game doesn’t get space?

There are other indie showcases, both onsite and offsite, during PAX East and it’s always wise to not put all your eggs in one basket or shop around for the best suited showcase for the type of game that you’re creating. It doesn’t hurt to have a back-up plan.

We also highly recommend volunteering to help run the MEGABOOTH. This will give you an opportunity to meet developers, see what types of games are there and attend the networking events.

If we can’t provide you space, please don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of alternative opportunities and we try to offer mentorship when possible. We’re on your side. Really!

Criteria & Selections

Our goal is to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the current indie scene and gaming community at large while building a community that provides support, mentorship, and networking opportunities to developers. We review all the materials submitted. This includes not only your game, but also your involvement in the indie community, how participation could benefit your team (and vice versa), what your goals are, and how you apply these to your game and company philosophy.

Things We’re Looking For

We don’t require any specific materials beyond:

  • Basic game/company information
  • Build of your game (Note: not required for tabletop submissions)
  • Three-minute gameplay video. This must be three minutes of raw video, and not an edited trailer. Tabletop submission are required to instead include a video instruction on how to play the game.

Does the game present a unique, interesting, or thoughtful design or mechanic? Is the aesthetic style compelling? Does the game address a social issue or offer a unique perspective or philosophy on game design? Does your game represent a larger genre in a compelling way, or an under-represented genre?

Does the team/individual or company provide value to the indie community? Is the game or developer able to contribute positively to the indie community? Have you previously been an active member of your local community?

Our goals

  1. To build a community where indie developers help each other become successful – whether through mentoring, providing access to additional resources, financial/logistical support, or increased visibility.
  2. To raise awareness of indie games and to spotlight games overlooked by press, publishers, and fans. The MEGABOOTH works to drive the conversation about indie games out into the larger gaming industry, addressing discoverability issues and creating support networks.

We like to have a mix of larger indie games and studios helping to bring in awareness and offer mentorship, alongside newer/lesser-known companies who will benefit from the increased visibility and experiences of other developers.

This means we don’t make selections based solely on your game. We also take a look at how participating in the MEGABOOTH could help your team, and how you can contribute to the community.

The core team involved with organizing the MEGABOOTH will be reviewing the submission information with the help of a selection of judges. If we have questions or need additional information we’ll request items from your team before making a final decision.

If you ever have any questions please contact us! We keep the process transparent and stay engaged with everyone as best we can.